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We find ourselves using the internet on a daily basis, whether it is for studying, watching our favourite series and shows, killing time in the waiting room, or following people on social media. Kids and teens these days love to watch cartoons and make their own fanart or sequels for them.

Because children enjoy watching cartoons and reading fanfiction, it is limiting their creativity to come up with their own amazing ideas and stories. Creativity is found within trial and error, after many attempts we come up with the finished product originating from our own mistakes, knowledge, ideas, and dedication; we wanted it error free which is why the internet exists now corrupting our imagination and creativity.These days it is hard to find something completely original, because they write/ draw it off something viral. And the fact that they are able to monetize it, it makes them want to choose to not make their work original.The internet is limiting creativity in adult brains too.

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For example, an adult uses a calculator to do simple calculations! 10-20 years ago, whenever we were bored or inactive we would spend time with family, friends, and/or go outdoors, but nowadays we would reach for our smartphones. After minutes of doing something, we would get frustrated and immediately search for it in the internet.You may find yourself on an electric device when you are bored without realizing it, but you do not realise that our imagination and creativity sparks when we are bored. Instead of reaching out for your smartphone every time you are bored, try making something with sticks, gardening, there hundreds of other alternatives besides using a smartphone or any electrical device.


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