We have to take into consideration the fact that each child is a unique personality and their social, emotional, intellectual, physical and language development is formed by individual, internal and external factors. These influencing factors can be categorised in different ways. We can regard positive, or protective factors, that enable the child to have a normal or even faster than normal development without any serious hindrances; and negative or risk factors that increase the possibility of developmental delaysPersonal factors can influence a child’s development which includes motivation, disabilities, illnesses and learning difficulties that a child can suffer from.

Children have a natural curiosity to learn, discover and a motivation to look for pleasurable activities. However, when they start school, their personal motivation is replaced by a wish to perform well in the eyes of teachers and to fit in amongst their peers. If we do not force them to achieve only good grades, but we will let them find fun in their achievement can be much better.

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