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We Know Your Psychic Prowess Based on Your Zodiac SignDo you ever wonder if you have psychic powers? Many of us have enhanced psychic abilities in some shape or form, even though we often don’t know how to recognize the signs and symptoms or we just ignore the unusual things we experience. These psychic abilities are often based on our personal experiences, traumas from the past, or previous lives. However, despite the fact that almost everyone has experienced a gut feeling at some point in life, it is believed that our psychic abilities and intuitive gifts are actually determined by our zodiac signs and related personality traits. For instance, the water signs of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are thought to be more psychic and intuitive than the other zodiac signs because the water as an element symbolizes the ebb and flow of the subconscious mind. Continue reading to discover how psychic is your sign!AriesAries-born individuals approach the psychic world like they approach everything else in life – head on! These impulsive and energetic folks have difficulties with feeling certain things and they need to see it in order to believe it.

Even though fire signs are thought to be intuitive, Aries is not really the most intuitive sign of the zodiac. These people tend to be logical, even though they’re very good at second-guessing the motives of other people. If Aries-born people take the time to tune in to their intuition and follow their gut, they’ll discover that they often find themselves in the right place at the right time thanks to their inner guidance.

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TaurusTaureans are considered to be way too grounded to be psychic. Even though those born under the sign of Taurus are very compassionate and have a great understanding of human nature, they’re not necessarily the most intuitive people out there. They’re logical people who don’t place a great deal of faith in their own intuition.

However, they have a strong sense of boundaries and they can feel when someone is about to overstep them. Taurus-born individuals need to remember that if they feel uneasy about something, they need to trust their gut instincts because they’re almost always right.GeminiRuled by Mercury, Geminis are talkative people that have a sixth sense that allows them to clearly feel energies. This zodiac sign is probably one of the most psychic signs of the zodiac. Geminis are able to see things nobody else can or feel things before they happened. These people can connect to people intuitively and are able to pick up things very quickly thanks to their ruling planet Mercury. Many Geminis are very talented when it comes to reading Tarot cards or using the Ouija board.

Those who have a moon in Gemini or in their ninth house might be able to talk to dead spirits.CancerCancer is considered to be the most psychic zodiac sign! These people are naturally in tune with their own feelings and they can sense everything around them because they’re very observant. Ruled by the Moon, Cancers are very maternal and highly sensitive people, able to feel other people energies whether they’re good or bad. They’re also good at reading people’s thoughts which allows them to connect on deep levels with people. They’re good listeners and they instinctively know how another person is feeling, so they’re able to find the right words to offer comfort. LeoLeo is a fire sign, which means that these folks have an intuition that can be sometimes perceived as psychic ability. However, it all depends on what Leo does with that intuition.

Many Leos are often more focused on themselves, so this psychic ability can get lost. On the other hand, when it comes to matters of the heart, Leos can easily tap their psychic abilities in this field. Those with the moon in Leo make amazing lovers because they seem to know exactly what will make another person feel good. Also, some Leos are capable mind readers who have the eerie ability to tell what someone else is thinking.

 VirgoVirgos have the ability to be great psychics, but they’re often held back by their lack of confidence. These disciplined and methodical individuals tend to suppress their psychic powers, even though they’re able to sense when something bad is happening to them or someone is going through emotional pain. They’re detail-oriented people who are in touch with the surrounding environment which helps them get a clearer picture of something and see things others can’t see. Just like Cancers, Virgos, too have a gut feeling that they follow closely. LibraLibra-born individuals are too balanced and practical to fall for something mystical. These people are often too preoccupied with other things, like family and friends, so most Libras aren’t psychic only because they don’t believe that they have this innate ability. However, some Libras are able to peak into other people’s heads and see what’s going on.

These telepathic powers are developed because of Libra’s social nature. They can connect with other people on a higher level than most zodiac signs do, allowing them to literally read people’s minds and understand them. Libras are also very empathic with animals.

ScorpioScorpio is a sign that has extremely strong intuition! Those born under the water sign of Scorpio are natural psychics who are drawn to all things mysterious and unknown. The deep and dark Scorpio is quite adept when it comes to hosting spirits, channeling energies, or detecting ghosts. These people are able to distance themselves for long periods of time to meditate and through that period of self-reflection, Scorpios gain serious psychic powers and they can even see into the future or read people’s minds. Those who have a moon in Scorpio are especially blessed with intuitive powers. SagittariusThese people are known for their tendency to explore and be adventurous. Sagittarians prefer excitement over anything, so they often have plenty of energy and desire to be psychics.

People born under this zodiac sign have uncanny intuition and are skilled when it comes to being in the right place at the right time. Many Sagittarians can simply sense when an emergency is about to happen and then they can come to your rescue. Sudden and dramatic incidents in their life enhance their psychic abilities and they’re often able to call on their strong intuitive guidance to make decisions for them.CapricornCapricorn is one of the least intuitive of all the signs of the zodiac. These people have their feet on the ground – they believe in rational thinking and they usually make decisions based on the power of observation. However, these practical people are far more psychic than they give themselves credit for.

Many Capricorns have heavy visions in both waking and dream life. They’re very patient and therefore, they’re able to develop their psychic abilities, but only if they want to. Capricorns who are mothers are able to read their children’s minds and make very good parents.

AquariusPeople born under this astrological sign are in tune with their psychic self and others and have the amazing ability to get what they want from people thanks to their awareness. Even though they always look for a rational answer to psychic phenomena, they’re very excited when they can’t find one. Known to be rebels and humanitarians, many Aquarians are able to see what other people are really thinking, so no one can hide their inner thoughts from them.PiscesPisces is the last of the water signs and the most psychic and spiritual sign of the zodiac! Thanks to their strong intuition, Pisceans are able to obtain clear knowledge about any situation at any time. As true empaths, they’re very open to psychic vibrations and are among the most sensitive of all star signs. Many Pisceans are natural channellers and healers, able to counsel people and help them find their way in life. Their psychic powers are strongest when they’re dreaming.

The risk with people born under this sign is that they can go so deep into the spirit world, that it becomes hard to pull them out. 


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