We increase uptake rates into national screening

We would see that there would be many aims and objectives they would have. First of all, we would see that their vision would be to that “Together we will beat cancer” and to bring forward the day when all cancers are cured. We would see that their mission would be to reduce more deaths that are being caused by cancer. We would see that their aim would be to save lives or improve the quality of life through earlier diagnosis, prevention ore better treatment of cancer, also to they would want to be one of the leading authorities on regional cancer related issues, they would also want to educate and influence better lifestyle decision that will help improve health and reduce cancer, finally to encourage the earliest possible diagnosis and increase uptake rates into national screening programmes which would help improve services and develop more effective techniques. We would see that their objectives would be to help people know how to reduce their risk of cancer, also another would be to help more people to survive cancer as they believe the survival rates for all of the common cancers will increase. Finally, the last one would be people under 75 will be less likely to get cancer. We would also see to:Prevent- Reducing peoples risk of developing cancerDiagnose- Diagnosing cancer earlyTreat- Developing new cancer treatmentsOptimise- Making cancer treatments more effective for each patientThey would also have many Enablers who would be helping them achieve their objectives by one of the groups being the Fundraising as they would provide the finance for everything they achieve. There would also be the research network as they would create an environment which would enable and support world class research.

Furthermore, there would be people outstanding supports, volunteers, patients and staff. Finally, the last group being the Engagement as they would be engaging with patients, policy makers and the public.

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