Well, surprises a lot people, but it is

Well, you will be answering about a question you probably hear before together. Think about it has anyone ever asked you are dirt bikes better than atvs, (aka four wheelers),? Or think about if you had heard somebody talking about it somewhere.

Well if you have that’s what this information Ii will provide you is here for. When I get asked about that topic, I answer with a yes and I am going to give you some reasons why. So on that point let’s get to the descussing of the two. First we are going to talk about the start with the safety of the both. Dirt Bikes are safer than ATVs. This fact surprises a lot people, but it is true that the death rate from ATV riding is significantly higher than that of dirt bikes. Here are two of the main reasons for that. The more stable platform of an ATV gives the rider a false sense of security which causes wrecks.

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An ATV feels more steady than a dirt bike. It stands on its own and is easy to learn how to ride initially. This gives riders a false sense of security. They go too fast, they try to corner to quickly and go over uneven surfaces, and it can lead to accidents. And the 1,000 pound ATV is extremely hazardous in a wreck because it often rolls over the rider.A dirt bike is funnier to learn how to ride. And plus once you feel comfortable with riding a dirt bike you can take them down more narrow paths and thing like that.

With a atv you have to be careful and worry if the road is to small. So what do you think? Don’t you think a dirt bike is a lot better safety wise and fun wise? If you don’t then you might need to read over this again and again to rethink your final answer.


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