Well professionals they feel the sugar tax

Well there is a handful of very high up people that think we don’t have the right to know what we have in our food. They do not want us to know the ingredients it contains , they may say it’s a secret recipe – but not what Genetically modified food we are eating.We as customers deserve the right to know what our food contains so we are able to make an educated decision before we eat or feed it to our families. We need to know what is going into our bodies, food is our fuel and we need good quality food to stay fit and healthy.The food standards agency (FSA) discussed in their last report printed in 2016 that the public felt positive that the food they buy has increased information.

Having the right to knowing what our food contains could also have an impact on healthy choices and cooking from scratch for families, knowing that certain things are added to their fast convenience food and choosing fresh local food instead.Should sugar be taxed ?Another hot topic at the moment is “Sugar Tax”There is different opinions surrounding this tax and whither or not it should happen.It has been found that there is a huge rise in certain medical conditions of which are all sugar related.  The rise of the various diseases and illness and the large increase in tooth decay is costing the health service a vast amount of money every year, the tax raised from the sugar tax will then be put back into the NHS and will cover the costs.

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According to some medical professionals they feel the sugar tax will make a difference to the health of the people in the UK.People in the UK are eating food unaware of the amount of sugar it contains,hopefully the sugar tax will help people realise, the amount  of sugar and the hidden sugars they are eating and hopefully choose something more healthier. People will be be able to make more informed choices.The sugar tax should have a positive effect on society , hopefully resulting in people consuming far less sugary drinks.Should healthy food be a right for everyone?Nowadays people are beginning to think that healthy food should be a human right for people.

Healthy food should be easy to access and be affordable to everyone. It shouldn’t matter how much money you make or how rural you live healthy food should be as easy to come by as someone who makes more money or lives in the city.Food seems to be turning into a class thing, it has been reported that people living in this country while out shopping are looking for quantity – food that will feed their families for longer and make them feel fuller than the freshness and quality of the food.People within the UK must change their diet and lifestyle but this is becoming more difficult because of the barriers people are having to get healthy food.Although healthy food should be a right for everyone at this moment in time its not , which is a shame as more access for everyone to healthy fresh food,should result in a fall in obesity , diabetes and tooth decay having an overall positive change to our health service and country.


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