Well their citizens”. (Barke, Jeffery. 2016). Next

Well to start things off when it comes to the health care system, the system needs to make health insurance even more affordable for the ones that are less unfortunate than others; I am talking about the ones with pre-existing conditions and indigent care. This issue is a challenging and difficult thing to resolve because it can take up to years for America to get it perfected and right.

Everyone, including myself believe in public safety for those with illnesses of no fault of their own and help should be offered to them with little to no struggle at all. “Public safety net should continue to be funded by taxpayers but overseen by private physicians, not government bureaucrats. This could be structured like Medicaid, but instead of giving D.C. bureaucrats control, the money should instead be block granted to states to administer the program for their citizens”. (Barke, Jeffery. 2016).

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Next is competition, if insurance companies could compete across state lines throughout the country this in the end could make health insurance more accessible for those who fall just short because of their fixed income. Not only that it can also drive the quality of care up and lower the price. For example, take Best Buy and HHGreg, both of technology businesses, both might have the same product in their store, but more customers go to Best Buy to shop than HHGreg.

Why? Because of the service offered by Best Buy is better than that of HHGreg, from the moment a customer walks through the door he/she is greeted with a smile, asked if he/she needs help finding a product, and is offered opportunities to save money when he/she goes to check out. That feeling of being appreciated makes customers want to come back to shop there more. “Quality improves when someone meets a customer’s need with a better product or service than the competition can produce. Insurance products are not immune to this basic economic rule”. (Barke, Jeffery.



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