WHAT choices covered by social and economic activity.

WHAT ARE BUSINESS ETHICS?Business ethics are described as the human morals and values which easily depict good behaviour. These ethics are valuable in business as they can be applied in most situations. They refer to the law and choices covered by social and economic activity. There are however many ethical issues in the business world, such as:• Conflict of interest.• Inappropriate gifts.• Sexual harassment.• Insider trading.

• Stealing from the company.• Fraudulent activity.• Piracy.• Unrealistic pricing.luckily, these negative aspects can be dealt with using simple tools and skills which could prove to make your business a better place.

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Business ethics provide the a good working environment, where employees can be ultra productive which in the long run, will benefit the company. These good morals will result in positive globalisation, which coud possibly grow your business into a world wide company.Business ethics contains a code of ethical conducts which entails that the code is there to provide guidance, an acceptable behaviour within the workplace and show employees concepts such as: integrity, accountability, honesty and transparency. The code of ethics is an umbrella concept which defines the morals and principles in which a business operates.

Ethical behaviour can either make or break a business. Employees should be guided in order to become efficient, ethical businessmen/women. A more ethical workplace provides more customers and productivity.”A business that makes nothing but money, is a poor kind of business.” – Henry Ford. ?ARTICLE NO.1What the article states:The article entitled “another line crossed” written by Paul Greenberg is basically an article stating that a medical health company has become interested in an “after birth abortion.

” This entails aborting a new born baby who is not of the correct sex or who suffers from a disability unbeknown to him/her. The writer of the article is very against the idea and thoroughly explains why it is unethical.My personal opinion:I agree with what the writer has to say because killing new borns is a disgusting and terrible act of humanity.

I strongly agree that the act is seen as murder and anyone who carries out this action should be imprisoned for life. This is extremely unethical and could potentially ruin the business as it would receive tons of negative comments and publicity. Why it could be unethical:This article can be seen as unethical and distasteful in many instances. As abortion has been made out to be an incredibly bad and horrific thing, the murdering of a new born baby would provide an up rise of upset people. 31.

4 infants are killed per 1000 live births in South Africa alone. Parents spread across the country are mortified at the death of their new borns. Many of these parents would become terribly angry at the thought of doctors aborting a new born baby.

Badvertising is considered as an advert which is inappropriate and could cause anger amongst viewers. It is also unethical for the following reasons:• It is illegal.• It is against the right of life.• It could emotionally and physically scar other human beings.• It is against certain religions and could possibly be seen as an act of “war.

“• It could negatively impact the society in which the business runs.• It could affect employees in the workplace that are against abortions.• Productivity will reduce as people would be against commitment of this act.Why the company would produce this idea:The company was clearly thinking of babies that are born with disabilities as being a “burden” in their future. Many people are all for mentally and physically challenged babies not surviving past birth and would easily promote the idea of after birth abortions. The company was interested in making a profit off of these people.

However, both the company and the people who share this mindset should think again and create new and positive ideas in order to deal with “challenged” people. ARTICLE NO.2What the article states:At a speech being honoured towards Native American war veterans who served during WWII. President elect Donald Trump made a racial slur in his speech by calling a part Native American lady “Pocahontas.

” This was seen by the Native Americans as “insulting and distasteful.” President Trump has been known to make racial comments before and he is not shy to insult other races.The article also explains why the Native American woman was offended and why it was completely disrespectful for Donald Trump to say such.

My personal opinion:I personally don’t find the comment insulting as he passed it as a light joke followed by the words to the democrat “you know what, I like you,” this shows that president Trump was not particularly being racist. However, I do think that the comment was distasteful as it was a little colloquial coming from one of greatest countries leaders in the world. These kinds of comments should not be made by professional people and should be avoided in order to keep the peace and professionalism within the government.

Why it was unethical:The event that president Trump spoke at was supposed to be an honourable evening, but Donald Trump made the speech a little bit informal when he began to call the lady Pocahontas, in front of many Native American people. Many people of colour could easily take offense as the “joke” is extremely stereotypical and a little crude. These types of situations could affect the government in the following ways:• Make the government seem racist.• Cause problems between the government and the president.• Cause strikes and boycotts.

• Help people become aware of racism within higher powers.• Cause the US government to lose support of allied countries.Donald Trump contradicts himself in the speech by stating afterwards that he is the “least racist person you will ever meet in your entire life” this comment could also cause an unethical up rise as he is made out to be a liar, the President has made many racial remarks already in his term as president. His remarks can also be used as propaganda techniques from other senates running for presidency, which could cause Donald Trump to lose viewers and supporters, potentially affecting all his existing business practices.


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