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What are some foundational concepts and components of a computer network? Computer networks share resources which include servers, clients, shared devices such as printers and other hardware and software resources, local operating system (OS), network operating system (NOS), connected both through a network interface card (NIC) and/or wireless connectivity. First, a computer network consists of “two or more computers that are connected with one another for the purpose of communicating data electronically.

Besides physically connecting computer and communication devices, a network system serves the important function of establishing a cohesive architecture that allows a variety of equipment types to transfer information in a near-seamless fashion” (Britannica, 2018). Second, clients are PC’s that utilize the shared resources and are fundamentally the users of the network as they communicate with and get services from the servers. Third, is the use of shared printers and peripherals and hardware resources given to the client computers across the network by the servers. Finally, the operating system running on the servers and client PC’s allowing the devices over a network the ability to communicate with one another.What are the components of an internet protocol version four (IPv4) IP address? Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) is the fourth form of the Internet Protocol (IP). Moreover, it is one of the center protocols of the standard based internetworking strategies on the Internet. The following is a brief description of the components within a computer network: 1.

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Hosts is the main controlling computer connected to other computers which provides services or data over a network. 2. Routers make the center of any interconnected internet and the network.3. Switches can be both unmanaged or managed. An unmanaged switch works right out of the box without any configuration which takes the guess work out of installing it correctly. Managed switches are configurable, allowing for greater security, flexibility and capacity compared to an unmanaged switch.

When should a network administrator assign static IP addresses to network devices? Static IP addresses would be used on a network when strict name resolution on your network servers or PC’s should be precisely identified. If you have an application or a device such as a web server, mail client or routers would provide a permanent IP assignment which could also help reduce DHCP related traffic and device conflicts.


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