What it’s hard to improve. Second, ordinary people

What can individuals and government do to reduce Obesity To keeping well-being is truly important in our lives. Avoid from obesity is the biggest global issue nowadays. In this essay, I will discuss what individuals and government can solve this problem.

It is important to understand what causes obesity and what obesity causes the problem with our lives. First, people born with heredity obesity DNA from their parents. Here, those people still can keep themselves fit and healthy with a good cycle lifestyle even it’s hard to improve. Second, ordinary people who have a problem of obesity in terms of those ordinary cases we need to focus on their lifestyle.

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When people eat at odds times, unhealthy foods they risk gaining weight. Because of eating junk, fast foods are certainly convenient for a busy life. People have to change their lifestyle for reducing obesity to live longer. Seeking to have healthy food such as vegetables, fruits, also proper meals. It is the best way to take essential proteins and vitamins. Food provides almost of the nutrients we need.

They still can get it from taking nutrient supplement if it’s difficult to take from healthy food. Does regular exercise, keep active with normal movement like housework, walking instead of use transport. Government has to support keeping healthy its country’s citizen. It can expect a lot of benefits.

Escalating tax on junk, instant, fast food industry. On the other hand, reduce tax on fruits, vegetables, butchery. It could consider related to Five major nutrients. Educate children about good nutrients, warning of junk food. Also prohibit to selling junk foods, soft-drinks in the school cafeteria by the new policy. The government can promote the advertising harmful effect of junk foods, the benefited of healthy foods on TV, public place. Government should fund national sports teams and athletes, free sports clubs, build more sports centres.

So that, people can do more exercise, not prevention of their busy lifestyle. It can change tax return policy on a gym membership, trainers from their income. To sum up, Individuals and Governments co-operate to improve a healthy diet and good fitness, so we can improve and increase the average life expectancy, not only reduce the number of obesity.

It also affects to reduction of chronic disease. Government and individuals can expect the benefits, lower cost for health insurance, Well-being from people will find contentment to live in their country


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