What within companies and organisations? -One main big

What is BYOD? – BYOD, which stands for bring your own device, is the practise where companies and organisations are allowing their employees to bring in and use their own devices for work purposes. Employees could bring into the workplace devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and USB drives when working at a place that supports this model. 1What are the security threats and how they can be dealt with whilst using BYOD within companies and organisations? -One main big security risk that every company would look to prevent the most whilst using the BYOD model is data leakage, most workforces are becoming more and more reliable on mobile devices which is causing problems for them due to mobile phones and tablets being a major weak link when it comes to security and being targeted for attacks that cause data leakage. Organisations and companies have to stay reliant on the employees to keep their mobile devices updated and secure enough to withstand any attacks so some policies and procedures should be put in place to help and ensure employees are able to do so, this would help keep their devices safe and the companies data secure. 2Another, and more clear, security risk is the possible mixing of personal and business data within the employees devices, this can be especially dangerous when employees have unknowingly installed malware onto their devices which could then make its way onto a company or organisation’s network, having malware on the network is a very high risk as any form of it, for example viruses or worms, could cause some major damages.

Companies should also be watching out for hackers that are able to use techniques such as keyboard logging that is able to record the login and password credentials from their employees devices, to try and prevent this, implementing one time passwords for each time the employee attempts to log in would be a good place to start to stop hackers from using such techniques, also accordingly efficient software should be installed within the devices so that any possible risks that could cause harm are dealt with after being detected and monitored by the software. 2Companies and organisations should also provide technical support for their employees by helping them do such things like installing antivirus software to keep their personal devices secure, and making sure that once the BYOD model is in place every employee understands the policy and they have been given a full guidance of how it works and the precautions that they must take with their devices from then on. Any sort of continuous monitoring of the employees devices would definitely help with keeping data and information secure, an example of this could be monitoring the internet traffic on the devices, as long as employees are informed of the monitoring and that it won’t infringe on the employees privacy to a unnecessary extent then it’s a good way of keeping the company informed of what is happening with the personal devices so that they can take any action if required before something could start to damage their network. 3  

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