What at 2.4-2.48 GHz with a wide range

What is Bluetooth?Bluetooth is a specification for the personal Wireless Industrial Network (WPAN), which allows the transmission of voice and data between different devices via radio communications in the ISM frequency range of 2.4 GHz.

The Bluetooth specification defines a communication channel up to 720 kbps (1 Mbps of gross capacity) with an optimal range of 10 m (optionally 100 m of repeaters).It operates at 2.4-2.48 GHz with a wide range and jumps with the ability to transfer Full Duplex up to 1600 jumps per second. Interruptions often occur between only 79 frequencies at 1 MHz intervals; This guarantees safety and reliability.

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The baseband protocol (single-line channels) combines circuit and packet switching. To ensure that packages do not work, slots can be protected by synchronizing packets with a different signal jump for each package. Circuit switching can be asynchronous or synchronous.

Each channel can withstand three channels with synchronous data transmission (voice) or data channel: synchronous and other asynchronous. For each channel, the voice can support data transfer rates of 64 Kbps in each direction, which is sufficient for voice transmission. The channel is asynchronous, can transfer as much as 721 kbps in one Direction and 56 Kbps in reverse. However, a synchronous link can receive 432.6 kbps in both directions if the link is symmetrical.How to create Bluetooth connectivityBluetooth has a small part of high power networks designed to eliminate the need for user intervention, as well as to save battery while the transmission is very low.For example, you have Bluetooth on your mobile phone and it’s outside your home door.

Talk to the person on the other side of the line you are calling for five minutes so you can enter the house and place your things. As soon as you walk around the house, send the card as received the mobile phone, the Bluetooth device in your car, automatically to the Bluetooth of the computer. This is because your mobile phone entered the Bluetooth signal from the computer and automatically sent all the data you assigned to transfer. Five minutes later, when your friend calls you back, the Bluetooth connection will ring on your phone at home instead of on your mobile phone.

The one who called the same number, but the home phone, downloaded the Bluetooth signal that blows from the mobile phone) and automatically reset this call and realized that he had come home.Bluetooth is, in fact, a standard network that works on two levels:• Accepts physical level: Bluetooth is a radio frequency standard.* Agree on the protocol level where the products should agree when the bits are sent, how many will be sent at the same time and how the parties involved in the conversation can be sure that the received message is the same as sent.How does Bluetooth work?The Bluetooth network transmits data over low-power radio waves. Transmits at a frequency between 2,402 GHz and 2,480 GHz.

This frequency band was interrupted as a result of an international agreement for the use of devices in industrial, scientific and medical applications.However, several devices can use the same frequency range. Screen monitors, babies for garage doors and a new generation of wireless phones have used frequencies in the range of ICM. Make sure that Bluetooth and other devices do not interfere with each other, which was fundamental to the process design.The Bluetooth devices avoid interfering with other systems due to the transmission of signals, very weak, about 1 Milivolito.The low power limits the Bluetooth devices to an interval of approximately 10 meters, eliminating the interference between the computer system and your TV or residential phone. Even at low power, Bluetooth doesn’t need a direct view to communicate with each other.

The walls of your home do not stop the Bluetooth signal, which makes the device suitable for controlling multiple devices located in different rooms.Bluetooth can connect up to 8 devices simultaneously. With all these devices within a 30feet radius, you may think of interfering with each other, but it doesn’t happen. Bluetooth uses a technique called frequency, an increased gap that makes it rare for only one device to transmit at one frequency at a time. With this technique, the device will be used 79 frequencies of the randomly selected individual of the assigned range, changing from one to one, is performed on a regular basis.

In Bluetooth, transmitters change frequencies up to 1600 times per second. So many devices can use a total of a limited portion of the radio frequency spectrum.Each Bluetooth transmitter uses a wide area that is automatically transmitted, so it is unlikely that two transmitters will have the same frequency at the same time.

The same technology minimizes the risk that Bluetooth devices, such as wireless phones or baby monitors, will become solid. This is due to the fact that any interference to a certain frequency only lasts a small part of a second.When the Bluetooth device is inside another, the electronic components ‘ conversation will determine whether there are two data, which together or, if necessary, control the other. The user does not need to press a button or give a command: The conversation of the electronic components is automatic.

After the conversation, the devices, whether part of a computer system or a stereo format, were a network. The Bluetooth system creates a network with a personal or piconet account that can fill a room or can no longer include the distance between the mobile phone, the belt and the headset with the head. When Piconet is established, members often appear, randomly and in concert, while keeping in touch and avoiding other piconets that may be in the same room.


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