WHAT IS CYBERSECURITY? Cyber security is the protection

WHAT IS CYBERSECURITY?Cyber security is the protection of confidential information and security of networks together with the computer from unapproved right of entryWHAT IS CYBERSECURITY ALL ABOUT?Not only cyber security is based on defending devices and networks from unapproved right to use but also focuses on being all about or aims to ensure that most of the data in an organization is been protected so that they can be continuity of a certain business and that business is not disturbed by threats like hackersWith AID OF REAL-LIFE SITUATIONS DISCUSS ANY FOR (4) TYPES OF CYBERSECURITY1) Information SecurityThis is a type of retreat that protects people’s private data from access which is illegal, and it protects data and hardware at the same time.Real life situation: This security protects people from attacks like password attack were hackers use it to gain access to a password either in random or systematic manner2)Network SecurityThis is a type of a security that protects a network and ensures the safety of the network and the data sent through the network from threats. This network security is used to block threats to enter the networkReal life situation: This security protects a network from attacks like drive by attack were hackers use the attack to spread malware to websites were users if they visit the websites, the malware will be installed in to the computer of that user3)Application SecurityThis is a type of security that prevents software application from being exposed that occur due to an imperfection of application design.Real life situation: This security protects software applications from being attacked by attacks like malware attack which is an unwanted software which installs its self in to the scheme without the user’s permission for example macro viruses 4) Operational SecurityThis is a type of retreat that protects information assets and helps in the accessing of the network and to ensure where the data must be kept. Real life situation: This security protects the data assets and the network from attacks like man-in-the-middle attack where it is used by the hackers to include themselves between the communication of a client and a sever were the hackers hack the IP address of the client to make the sever think is still communicating with the client not knowing is the hackerBriefly discuss any cybersecurity framework currently accessible in the marketTHE NIST CYBERSECURITY FRAME WORKThe NIST cybersecurity frame work is all about guarding one’s critical infrastructure.IT creates actionable guides for agencies as it maintains a comprehensive understanding of cyber security risk.

The NIST cybersecurity frame work is normally used because it is organized, it is free, the frame work is risk management focused, it has a unifying process but then the NIST cybersecurity frame work is not designed for small firms and is redundant.The NIST cybersecurity frame work it has steps which are normally used in documenting security and policy procedures in a company of the steps are as follows, prioritize and scope, conduct a risk assessment and implement action plan.The NIST cybersecurity frame work also focuses on helping organizations on to improve the ability to detect and respond to cyber attacks

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