What An Express emancipation is rarely seen

What is emancipation ? Until a child has reached the age of majority, parents are expected to provide them with shelter, food, and clothing. Parents can also decide where their children will live and go to school and can choose what medical care their children will receive (Michon). There are three types of emancipation ; Implied, marriage, and expressed.
An Implied emancipation is where a parent fails to attend the child properly. Meaning that they may abandon the child, desertion. A way that an Implied emancipation could happen is by joining the military and only in some states pregnancy . Trying to run away from home or disappearing will not be considered as an Implied emancipation .
Another type of an emancipation is the Express emancipation . An Express emancipation is rarely seen . It is when the parent or guardian of the minor agree to let the minor be classified as an adult . This does not necessarily mean that the parent or the guardian do not care for the minor . It could be for financial problems ; It could also be for personal problems at home . Although the parents are granting the childs’ emancipation, they can leave the child conditions . For example telling the child to stay in high school until graduation or the child may not be able to leave the country or state . Courts are not really involved in this type of emancipation unless there seems something suspicious .
Another type of emancipation would be marriage . Being married would should a different type of relationship ; It shows that the minor is responsible enough to take care of someone else and themselves . The court will see that they are capable of maintaining a job and/or a house.
Before a child is emancipated the court has to take a look of the child’s previous life . For example, is there any record of abused, will the minor be able to maintain themselves financially, or does the minor have kids ?
Should it be easier or harder for minors to be able to get emancipated ? Not everyone goes through the same stuff at home . Some kids don’t get fed, others get physically abused, some are being kicked out for expressing their opinion . If you, the reader, would really like an answer, look at the case . Search for how many times the minor has been to foster homes, search for abuse at home, check if they’ve been to juveniles. One can not just pick if it’ll be easier or harder for a minor without knowing the severeness on the case .


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