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What is talent Management? Actually, it is really difficult to tell the exact or precise meaning of the term “talent management” because of the confusion and assumptions made by different authors the most common heard definition of talent management is successful management of talent and chose the right candidate for the right job in this scenario I will try my best to discuss the gap and knowledge by understand from the other researchers perceptions and literature study concerning with the talent management .The talent management has become the single most force creating strategic frame work for the organizations the world level it has been identified that in order to understand the frame work of capitalism the key corporate assets are not the relatively important it has been seen various organizations having strong financed equipment’s machineries and resources but these are likely to be ineffective unless there are people who holds the potential to operate these giants let’s take an example of the steel industry it is not the iron ore that does the magic trick and holds these huge building at place but it is actually the potential and engineering skills of the effective talent in today’s world the meaning full assets are only the knowledge assets and only meaningful form of capital is intellectual capital with the rise and integration in social, technological and communication advancement todays employees are more towards to enhance their capabilities and understand to raise their self-worth by making intellectual contributions and share knowledge the key factors for understanding worth of any organization is to train, motivate and energize their employees thus for this integral part and derive a sense to improve the potential knowledge and supervise there is a need to discover the right human talent or to identify and manage the talent in existing employee as by retention is most important factor nobody wants to lose its effective employees .It has become a very crucial part that other companies want to outsource the employees that are best in performance and are skillful in particular talent organizations are outsourcing employees and offering them good salary packages and later they offer them permanent employment opportunities it is relatively because the employees has the potential set of skills and the special talent that outsourcer is required , the point of mentioning this statement here is that with in talent management the retention and the identification of the employee is very necessary for this the manager role would be to provide training, motivate and appraise and rewards its employees in this way the employee would feel like secured and work on their profound level


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