What Panchagrami. The author wants to give

What is the author is attempting to achieve by writing the book?Here author wants to know the presence of social media in each place of Panchagrami and herehe wants to know that how social media is used by the different cast, different economicbackground, male and female. He doesn’t have any intention to evaluate the positive or negative effect of social media on Panchagrami.

The author wants to give this experimental data to others who want to know about the use of social media in Panchagrami. The author also wants to know the interest of the public in social media and he also wants to know that how fast is the adaptation rate of social by the public. The author also wants to achieve that how social media changed the life of Panchagrami villagers. SUMMARY This book is based on experiments at the time of Ph.

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D. of a student who is doing their experiments in Panchagrami village at Tamil Nadu (south Indian state).In which he wants to study that how social media grow up in this village and how social media changes the lives of people.

This is the output of 15-month research he observes and evaluate by doing experiments in fields and interact with different peoples of different cast, economy and with males and females. In which he found that there is a lot of restrictions on unmarried girls to use social media compared to boys of same age groups. Parents think that such restrictions must be necessary to avoid romance of teen girls of this age this may be a question mark on the reputation of parents of girls if something bad happened. Social media is very useful in the modern era. Like, give some message urgently to mass people.In this village people also use social media to manage family also. In which if parents do jobs and they want to observe their child then they can use mostly Whatsapp for all activities. In a company it helpful to employers to communicate with each other.

Using social media we can meet our old friends and relatives also, we can discuss any problem with many people at one time. Lover and couple use social media in any way, like discuss personal matters and they mainly prefer Whatsapp rather than facebook or twitter. Where they send photos or chat with each other. An evaluation of whether the author achieves what he or she sets out to achieve The author almost able to achieve what he wants to achieve in the sense that firstly he wants to know that how social media change the life of people of Panchagrami village in which he finds that for lover and couple Whatsapp play a very significant role for private conversation and on global level facebook ; twitter play a very important role to chat with old friends and to share our ideas with mass people at the same time but Panchagrami people mainly use Whatsapp and facebook they not commonly use Twitter because of they think this is for professional people only. The author also able achieve information about attachment of people toward social media. Panchagrami people adopted social media as a part of life.

He also finds discrimination in the use of social media in sex, cast and economy basis also. Strengths of the bookIn this book, the author does real social experiments and provide exact data of what outcome comes up. Based on such experiments that the author provide is very useful for analysis like the use of social media give a positive or negative impact on the life of Panchagrami people. Also, we know that what improvements in social media is needed in this village and which social sites should be restricted and which should be allowed for children of Panchagrami. As an industrialist, we can see that how employees use social media and which type of site may be harmful to the industry.

For a small family in which parents do jobs and children have unlimited access of internet, in that case, which types of steps must be taken by parents. In this book by real experiments, we can see that how children use misuse of the internet. On the behalf of the experiment, teachers can also aware of students that how can they cheat assignments by the use of social media. This book is in very simple language so that everyone can easily understand that what an author wants to say.

Also in this book, all chapter have conclusion page at an end of the chapter so that we can easily revise again. Also, the last chapter is mainly the conclusion of all previous chapters, so that we can again revise quickly. Such format makes a book more effective. In this book, we can also take a lesson from the author about how tough is the field work and which type of dress is suitable for fieldwork to talk with girls and women comfortably. And also how to enjoy such hard field work, these all types of thing we can learn from the author.

Weaknesses of the bookIn this book, the author is doing experiments in a very small place in India that place name isPanchagrami.On the basis of such small village, we can not analysis all country that how socialmedia change the life of people of India Evolution of social media in that village that’s not meanthat this evolution of all country. In this book author, many times write of routine many peoplethat is so much boring for me, I think if the author writes overall what people want and what theyhave is more effective for the reader. In this book author also appreciate students to makecloseness with social media that is very bad in some sense. Because of the closeness ofstudents towards social media divert from the study and this is the horrible condition for ourcountry. Also due to social media like WhatsApp and Facebook, the student, cheat more andwant to do less study because they got the copy of other student and don’t try me. In thisbook author also appreciate boys for use of social media compare to girls, this is not so goodidea.

The author mainly doing the experiment on adult and very less on old persons, if anyonewants to know the view of old persons then how he can know. The author makes a perceptionabout young girls that mainly use social media for love and affair this gives a bad message toour society. And because of this bad message parent of girls will more strict now and the resultof this is, girls will make a distance from social media by force and they can not use it for realpurpose. The author also doing caste basis experiments, in this time he needs to doexperiments on the basis of economy background only so that we can remove caste systemfrom our country and fight for economy and equality only. The author gives ideas to studentsabout using social media in the classroom.


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