What process of decomposing a solution of

What is the relationship between the current flow through an electrolyte (CuSO4) and the amount of copper deposited at the cathode during electrolysis?IntroductionElectrolysis is the process of decomposing a solution of ions by passing an electric current through it. Electrolysis is particularly useful in electroplating, which in itself is defined as “the process of covering one metal with another through the process of electrolysis, it’s most commonly used for aesthetic purposes like jewelry. Although these uses are quite intriguing to some, however my interests don’t lay amongst them. Everyday Engineers work towards making this world both more efficient and more sustainable for human life and as a student looking to pursue the study of mechatronics; technology combining electrical and mechanical engineering, I believe that copper plating has allowed us to do exactly that through ways most people are unable to see with their naked eye. Electro-mechanical systems contain thousands of parts, most of which are plated in copper for the sake of inheriting copper’s chemical characteristics. Copper plating serves to be a significant process because it allows inferior metals to inherit the unique characteristics which copper posses such as it’s electrical-conductivity, resilience, and thermal-conductivity. This is particularly useful as copper plating not only provides efficient conduction of electricity, but it also does not readily oxidise like other metals, which means it can endure exposure to oxygen and still function efficiently.

As a result, I’d like to delve into the intricate process of electroplating through an investigating posed by the electrolysis of Copper Sulphate solution to observe how copper plating could potentially be made more efficient through the experimentation of variable currents. BackgroundElectrolysis means to

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