What pages in a web site, software, forms,

What is the User Experience(UX)? User Experience-briefly (UX), this is the what users feel on an emotional level, what are kind experiences emotions, preferences, reactions, beliefs, feelings and even behaviour when they using a product, brand, website grounded on his life experience of representations (Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., 2017).

Because I am learning on the course Web developer, all described below will be interconnected in Web technologies. According on the information provided by Wikipedia, they separate five levels of UX: The Strategy Level is the highest and the wide-ranging level of the presented model. At this level, the most important to get answers to questions about the desires or prospects regarding the future of the software product from potential users and the customer. Typically, answers to these questions are presented as an overall list of future features.

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Feature Level is a simple listing of a set of features that will be available to users. Structure Level — there is described a structure and arrangement of pages in a web site, software, forms, Windows, etc. This level responses the questions “from”, “where” and “how” users can interact with a website. Usually proficiently constructed structure of the site facilitates navigation and makes it intuitive for users and this is the first step in the presence of the well-known usability. The Layout Level is a specific implementation of the abstract structure of the site, the application.

After that usually take the final decision on the most effective arrangement of the various elements of the User Interface (UI). Surface Level-the most recent level that reflects the appearance of the product from the users’ testimonials, generally this is the site’s content, fonts, links, menus, images, forms, tabs, buttons and other content (Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., 2017).


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