What that we inherited from our family.

What is, Nature and Nurture When a child is created in this world, he or she has strands of DNA from both the mother and the father. People say that “Nature” is the theory of our personality, where we get our intelligence,the environment that we were raised in, whether or not you have a genetic disorder, et cetera ; all this is accumulated from the Strands that we inherited from our family. While Nurture on the other hand is linked towards personal experiences, and how you were raised as a child to adulthood. A child was born in Orange County California, this child and his or hers parents have access to many education programs, bountiful amount of food, and ways to prevent diseases or third world illnesses such as the flu. Then you have a child that was born in the Slums of Africa where there is no medicine, the food is very scarce, and hardly to if not any education programs. Do you think that these two children have the same chance to become successful? The answer is no, the outcome of the child in Orange County will most likely live longer than the child in Africa due to the environment that he or she was born in.

Nurture on the Other Hand, deals with your parents or the people that raised you. For example Child A lives with a very wealthy family but never sees them, and does not have a person to teach them morals or I should say what the difference between right and wrong. While Child B lives in a low income home where both the parents are involved with their child, and explains in great detail what is a “great person”. Child A will be less likely to help someone in need, while Child B will more than likely put others before themselves.

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