What a new life or to escape

What makes me proud of America is the fact that it started out as a gaggle of small colonies and became a great country . another reason I am proud of America is because when people came from all different nations and countries from all around the world they let them in ; whether it was because they wanted to start a new life or to escape from their life . Furthermore when people were treated unfairly America gave them well deserved justice. Another reason is because America through thick and thin has helped people who needed it , for example when hurricane Harvey and Maria came America helped everyone they could who was impacted .

They gave out food , water , care packages everything needed to get back on their feet . Some most I am also proud of America because children are free to do what they want to do ,like be a doctor or the president. Also because i know that no matter what i will be kept safe by our police officers and army , these women and men are the the reason i go to sleep at night safe and sound and wake up safe and sound because of their sacrifice i will always be safe . Furthermore because we as Americans have the right to vote have the right to vote whereas in other countries they cannot .

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