AugmentedReality is the next mobile

What is Augmented Reality? AugmentedReality is the next mobile computing platform.

It merges the real world withvirtual objects to support intelligent and realistic experiences. It uses theexisting environment and overlays latest information on top of it.Augmented Realitylies in the middle of the mixed reality spectrum. It creates a system in whichuser cannot differentiate the real world and virtual augmented on it. Main goalof Augmented Reality is to add information and meaning to a real object orplace. It enables learners to explore the physical world without assuming anyprior knowledge just using a handheld device.

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The termaugmented is derived from the word”augment”, which means to “add something”. InAugmented Reality, graphics, sounds, and touch feedback are added into ournatural world.  Implementing Augmented Reality The Augmented Reality is implemented usingthe following parameters:·        User’s location·        User’s orientation·        Generating information·        Augment it to user’s view.

Theimplementation also requires the following devices:·        Display device·        Image generator (hardware andsoftware)·        Tracking system. Features ofAugmented Reality ·        Registered in 3D·        Interactive in real timeApplication of Augmented Reality ·        Education·        Engineering design·        Entertainment·        Medical·        Military·        Robotics Types of Augmented Reality ·        Projection based AR·        Recognition based AR·        Location based AR·        Outlining AR·        Superimposition based AR Limitations of Augmented Reality ·        Technological Limitations·        User Interface Limitation·        Social Acceptance Conclusion AugmentedReality is far behind the virtual environments. It will make our world fullydigital. Let’s step into the digital age as we will soon see our environmentschange dynamically through smartphones, glasses, car windshields, and evenwindows to display enhanced content and media right in front of us. 


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