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What role does religion, morality, and worldview play in the creation of public policy? What is religion? Religion can be defined as ones beliefs in a divine power from a God or Gods who rule the universe. What is morality? Morality can be defined as right or wrong actions or good and bad conduct of an individual. What is worldview? Worldview can be defined as one’s point of view of looking at how he/she may view or interpret reality held by an individual or group.

Let’s get into what role religion, morality, and worldview plays in the creation of public policy? The United States of America is a religious country. The beliefs of religious people could have an effect on how they view certain policies; this should not be a reason as to whether they approve, promote, or disagree with a policy. The first thing elaborated on when religion is involved with public policy is the Bible. Christians who depend on bible verses to be driving force for their belief, and on the belief to guide their behavior, paves the way for believers to understand public policy norms from the bible and for those believers to strive to have a voice in public policy. Christians believe that our rights as human beings are empowered by God and that God established the government. According to , he viewed involvement with the government as a good deed to God.

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Religion contributes in the development of policies in different ways. The role of religion in the creation of public policy has limitations. If we were to take a look at the First Amendment it states that” no one shall make a law showing favoritism to religion or blocking the free exercise thereof.” Not being able to use religion freely in the creation of public policy, it cannot be limited to policies because of the fixation on a set of beliefs.

Congress members cannot take what they believe to be true about religion and use it as a crutch due to the First Amendment. Some of which seems inevitable, such as lawmakers voting with a religiously mind set. When churches and their congregation push lawmakers to make change to legislation, this can be seen as legitimate.

What people don’t realize is that the church is needed to establish moral grounds for our country. Therefore, the thought of right and wrong comes from religion itself. Church people that are sincere about their beliefs, believe that there should be no restrictions on religious arguments in public policy as long as the matter at hand can be resolved as right or wrong. Is it unheard of to create laws that have no moral value? When laws are formed they establish order that is based on morals. Worldview plays a big role in creation of public policy.

As stated above, how one perceive public policy religiously has an impact on the worldview of public policy. Religion, morality, and worldview helps congress members who are establishing these policies.


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