What for example, the south-eastern Bantu speakers believed

What your original answer was and why?I chose option E We must save the rhino because it is the right thing to do. Rhinos are an umbrella species, so there are many forms of plants, birds, insects and mammals, depend on them. They are of instrumental value to the ecosystem (Ecosystem is of an instrumental value to sustain life). There is also a cultural value to saving rhinos, because there are many cultures that regard animals as symbols, for example, the south-eastern Bantu speakers believed that the Mapungubwe golden rhino’s creation in the 13th century was a reflection of wealth and power.

The rhino are also a symbol of leadership among the Shona people of Zimbabwe.What is your current answer and why? I still chose option E, after reading of intrinsic value that something is valuable because it exist rather than what it can do. We might view it from an anthropocentric manner where we consider what us humans gain from it and if we do that it will look as the rhino has no contribution but from an intrinsic manner we able to see its role in the eco-system and how its presence is significant amongst other animals. Do I practice the values I am describing?Yes I doIntrinsic value- we have to save the rhinos or any other species because is the right thing to do.

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Instrumental value – we must save the rhinos because they are actual a benefit for usCan I really claim that these are my virtues?YesIs what I’m saying really what I do? Yes Write a comment on what you think about your preferred answer “why”and explain why you think of this? I think this indicates that you are an egoist (psychological, rational or ethical). Your “Why?” could be an abbreviation of “Why save the rhino when there are 20 000 children dying every day?” which is certainly anthropocentric, but is not at all egoist.


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