Whatever become a preyfor cybercriminals who’re exploiting

Whatever might be the reason, shopping online will be a better option for grabbing the bestdeals.

With more and more customer footfalls in to the ecommerce industry, it has now become a preyfor cybercriminals who’re exploiting the convenience of online shoppers.Like any other transaction, there are security issues while shopping online too. Though you’re aregular online shopper, it’s always worth to remind yourself about shopping safe and secure.Go With Trusted SitesSticking to the branded sites is always a good thing to do while shopping online. Not only interms of quality and authenticity, you’ll be confident with the robust security measures of thesewell-established players.

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Find the FakeFraudsters often mislead online shoppers to fake websites in order to capture your personalcredentials. Usually, these type of sites lure the customers with unbelievable deals/cashbacks.Always remember to crosscheck the URL and padlock symbol while shopping online. The text inthe URL is preceded by a padlock symbol which represents the authenticity of the website.

Lookfor the protocol ‘https’ that encrypts customer data for privacy and protection. Remember, incase these two are missing, that particular website must treat with caution.Use Mobile Internet over Public Wi-FiFreebies are always attractive to consume, but it should not be in the case of online shopping.The devices using free Wi-Fi hotspots often attracts cybercriminals. Many public hotspots areunsecure and easy to attack.

It’s better to opt for mobile internet while shopping online.Beware Of Dodgy OffersRemember, no one offers discounts to you by bearing the losses. It’s just a trick of fraudsters todivert the online shoppers towards their fake sites. Most of these fake sites look similar as theoriginal e-commerce sites in order to mislead the shoppers.

However, one can find thedifference between the fake offers and the original one with a mindful shopping.


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