When very negative impact in their life, growth

When a child or young person who suffer prejudice or discrimination, even if only one incident, can have a very negative impact in their life, growth and development. A child that suffers discrimination no matter for what reason can feel they are not as worthy as other people and don’t have confidence on themselves. This might lead to them not want to participate in activities or socialize and become withdraw.A child or young person victim of prejudice or discrimination will also have an impact in their learning. If they don’t feel as part of the class, welcomed and accepted in the school environment they will not want to participate in learning activities and might not want to apply themselves to their studies as they feel their achievements won’t be recognized as others. This will have a huge impact in their future as without a good education they will have fewer chances to succeed in life.Discrimination and prejudice can also affect a child or young person relationships and confidence.

If they feel they will be judged and not accepted for who they are they will less likely to socialize, make new friends and maintain positive relationships.

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