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When an employee is engaged within an organization everyone gains. Engaged employees are builders. Employees use their talents and can develop productive relationships, they also multiply their effectiveness through those relationships amongst them. Employees perform consistently at high levels and drive innovation and move their organization forward. Low employee engagement can make PZ Cussons run at a big loss an organization that moves or grow rapidly is mainly bared on its employees.
At PZ Cussons it is found out that when a survey was conducted the branches with highly engaged employees produced a higher percentage and returns that the branches with lower engagement sources. Employees who are emotionally confident that is aware of emotions on oneself and others and able to regulate one’s own emotions, have a positive effect on customer experience and satisfaction. In a study relating on employees’ engagement that was conducted recently at PZ Cussons it was find out that the employees positive affect was positively related to customers’ positive affect about their encounters, this helped to increase customer service at PZ Cussons. Greater engagement is related to more positive service employee performance while there are many ways to define and operate employee engagement for the purposes of this analysis, engagement is separated into two. Job engagement refers or links to the employees related job to be done, the expected output needed by PZ Cussons so as to know how effective employees is working. Organizational engagement is when one involves himself or herself in the affairs of the company. It also deals with having energy involvement and efficacy that is surrounding PZ Cussons. An employee at PZ Cussons job engagement includes working hard in order for the company to grow high amongst its other competitors with their employee is involved and committed to the affairs of the company. It also focuses on a positive, fulfilling, effective motivational state of work related well-being. Based on this conceptualization, a job engagement definition was developed and texted which consisted of three interrelated dimensions. vigor, dedication and absorption. Both engagement as well as its opposite, amount, can be integrated within the overarching framework of the job. Organizational engagement is conceptualized as the individual involvement and satisfaction with as well as enthusiasm for PZ Cussons. It is the positive attitude held by the employee towards the organization and its values. An organizationally engaged employee should be aware of their business context, work with colleague to improve work performance and positive work approach.
It can be augmented by a sit of motivating resources such as support and recognition from colleagues and supervisors, performance feedback, opportunities for learning and development and opportunities for skill use. Employee engagement at PZ Cussons improves its business performance, productivity customer satisfaction and many more. A positive organizational culture aids in the performance in engagement process due to the fact that a positive workplace supports its employees. PZ Cussons building employee engagement calls for many aspects of a positive organizational culture. When there is positive working relationship, employees of the organization input decision making and support growth and development with their learning opportunities. In a study on job demands and their relationship and growth, it was found out that, a measure of job resource included support from colleagues predicted engagement while noting a meaningful difference between job engagement and organizational engagement. Employees engagement can increase at turbulent times because they are scared to lose their jobs to other people. How Employee engagement in an organization is another major factor because involving employees have a lot of positive results. An organization success depends on its employees, when employees are not satisfied with how they are treated at work, their work impact will be berry low and there won’t be any productivity to help PZ Cussons to grow. When a company like PZ Cussons want to grow a higher level amongst its competitors, employers needs to engage employees in whatever job they are doing or whatever is going on in the company so they will be able to know more and work. Employee engagement at PZ Cussons helps brings about high level of customer service with this they are able to communicate well with the customers and also work hard so that customers get satisfied with whatever PZ Cussons is offering to them and also they are satisfied with what they are getting so they do not move to other PZ Cussons competitors like Johnson and Johnson etc.
3. Impact of rewards on employee engagement
Rewards are gifts or things given in recognition of service, effort or achievement that has been made by someone. As the Human Resource practitioner at PZ Cussons you will need to show satisfaction to the effort given by the employee which will help the employee have the motivation that the work being done is recognized. When employees are given results such as promotion. Its shows the employee’s that hard work was appreciated so the employee will have the urge to work hard for the company or the organization knowing very well that the work being done is not in vain. When an employee works hard, there is more productivity from PZ Cussons and they will have more products or goods to bring to the job market to sell. As a results of the reward by PZ Cussons, the employer turns to gain more profit from the goods being produced to sell. It also helps the employers in the organization to grow rapidly among its competitors because the employer is satisfied with the appreciation given by the company.
Giving incentives to employees is also a sign to show them your appreciation since salary or little benefits gives them physical safety and when there is physical safety, the stress of employees on monetary issues comes down and employee are able to work very hard. Once the survival needs are met, the respect and all is shown by the employee. It will help rise the impact of employee job engagement with this the employee turns to work and go the extra mile to work in order to produce and satisfy its employer and when this is done, the organization turns to have a lasting achievement.
The impacts of reward help PZ Cussons so well that the employers are able to delight customers always since they are happy with the work and all. Employees engagement and rewards in this organization helps a lot because the employees will feel commitment to their employer and the job they are doing as well, any employer rewarded or appreciated works very hard towards the organization targets or goals and is made to make the employer to work the extra mile for its organization as a whole and able to perform and be an advocate for the company. Employee are also turned to be empowered when there is employee recognition program and good career development guidance since Maslow hierarchy of needs tells us about self-actualization, it is the greater fulfilment of potential and personal satisfaction. Employees with good recognition and career development program are very in terms of product, revenue, customer retention and many more.
There are many ways that employers are able create impact on employees by giving them rewards and when these rewards are given to the employees, it serves as a lot to them. PZ Cussons being the producer in homecare and electronic products since they have a lot of competitors, they need to be able to satisfy its employees very well in order for them to become more productive and put much effort for the organization to grow.
Another impact of rewards to employee given by PZ Cussons is rewards have positive impacts on motivation. Motivation is a combination of factors that operate within individual and requires a combination of approaches. Motivation rises highs level of performance, the human resources practitioners should also ensure that there is a job of commitment at the workplace. When employee at PZ Cussons are motivated very well, the job performance rise and lead to higher level of productivity and maximize profit as well. Ways of motivation employees can be through salaries or even making some king of certificate to honor them as workers of the months etc. this will enable other employee to work hard so they can also receive such recognition.
? Rewards also have positive significant effect on job satisfaction
? Rewards are the benefit that workers gain or receive from their jobs. When employees at PZ Cussons are able to reward its employees, its create some kind of commitment between the employer and the employee and rewarding the employer has high standard of performance and workshop which helps to create high productivity, income and create job satisfaction to both the employers of PZ Cussons and the employees. The more employers give or award rewards to employees, there is that urge for the job motivational and satisfaction so as PZ Cussons will need to involve the employee in the affairs of the organization and also giving them the reward is a major factor in business and a lot of studies in and out because it serves as motivation to the employee and makes them also work harder to satisfy the employer or the organization as a whole. In every organization, there is a high relationship between records and job satisfaction and most companies who reward employees have positive results
? Employee performance is another factor because the activity of performance of doing something faithfully by knowledge as famous from simply possessing it. A performance can simply be explained as an event which most at times one group of people being it’s the performer or the performers act in a particular way for another group of people therefore PZ Cussons needs to make employee have a sound mind to give quality performance


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