When put other children down to feel

When children or young people feel worthy and capable they are more likely to feel optimistic. A good sense of identity helps children to be more open to people from other backgrounds as they are less likely to fear differences or put other children down to feel better about themselves. When children are young they grow emotionally close to certain people and can recognise ‘special people’ early on. Children then become aware of strangers and also begin to notice differences and similarities.

From having interactions, children and young people develop a sense of being valued and cared for. They also begin to imitate and later identify with others in their life. In diverse families and communities, children notice a variation of how people look, feel and sound, seeing this variation as normal whereas children who grow up in similar families and communities begin to know the looks, voice and touch within a particular set, for example the skin tone or colour of people. As they grow children notice their own physical looks and how theirs is different from other people. They then begin to understand rational differences consciously. Children’s identity is then linked to this.

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