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When children will feel good about themselves it leads them to success about everything that is happening in school. Positive feelings like self-assurance, self-acceptance help children to try new challenges, deal with mistakes and try again, they feel proud of and try to help other children to do their best. The low self-esteem children they don’t want to accept them and don’t want to participate in new things. They may allow to treat them poorly and have hard time in standing up for themselves.

They don’t want to do new challenges and avoid them and give up easily or unable to jump back on mistakes. There are three factors that develop self-esteem in children.• To feel children they are capable to learn new things• To feel the children effective if they will learn new thing they will progress• To feel the children they can accept the new things if their parents or grown up try to understand them Direct discriminationThis occurs when children and young people are not allowed to take part in course and school activities because of their gender disability and race. For example, a child who is slow growth can’t participate in activities because of slow learning.

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A child with autism might not be allowed to go to the trip because of special need.Indirect discriminationIndirect discrimination happens when training and processes are applied without attention to the separate conditions because of gender colour age or disability. This has inferior impact on the lives of children and young people. For example, a child wants to participate in net ball game but couldn’t because he/she has different culture and religion Discrimination can be:Institutional: This occur when policies and processes of school allow practice which directly and indirectly discriminates against someoneINDIVIDUAL: This can be practised by individuals or groups within the school.

It could be with the parent, visitors and children and young people


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