When little bit like turn taking, children listen

When communicating with children and young people it is important to be clear, concise, age appropriate and supporting needs and abilities. To communicate effectively with children we need to be confident and have a range of skills than can include: active listening, empathising with a childs point of view, build a trusting relationship, understanding non-verbal communication ( eye contact, hand gestures) and explaining and sometimes even recap the information we give to them.

Communication is a little bit like turn taking, children listen to us and we should always listen to them.We as teachers need to work at the childs pace, every child is different so we may need to adapt how we speak with individual children.Use of body language and facial expression, we need to make sure that we show interest by the way we act round the child or young person. We need to be approachable, I would get down the childs level so they don’t feel intimidated by me towering over them. And always smile and behave in a encouraging way to what they are telling you.

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