When a hoax, an old wives’ tale,

When goals are determined in denominations of currency, then they can never be reached, because no one can possess all the money that exists in the world.

What’s better than a Toyota? A Lexus. What’s better than a Lexus? A Ferrari. What’s better than a Ferrari? A hovercraft? A yacht? 2 yachts? A goddamn jumbo jet? It never ends. And thus, the American Dream can be crushed under the weight of a dollar bill when it is improperly defined.

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The Dream becomes farce, a crock, a hoax, an old wives’ tale, an urban legend, an orange that consists of nothing but the peel, a person whose soul, whose brains have been sucked out of his nose by little aliens wearing wing-tipped shoes, carrying attaché cases, and driving hovercrafts with the future wives of their bosses in the passenger seat. But it doesn’t have to.


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