When it is to sit around and think

When you have just finished reading a book, you areusually reluctant to start with a new book right away. You instead keep readingthe old books because starting a new book, is like a new adventure. It takes alittle more energy to start a new book.

Why do you have to take a pause? Why do you want to wait New Year’s to start with yourweight loss plan? Just do it. It’s less painful to do it than it is to sit around andthink about it or feel guilty that you haven’t started yet. Once you getstarted, things will get done.Keep your to-dolist simple, and do atleast one new thing everyday. “I would start…. But I’m waiting for the perfect time”When exactly is this perfect time? When you get a few more qualifications addedto your resume? When you find a workout partner and the right equipment? Whenyou have little more money? When the temperature outside is slightly higher?When is that? Tomorrow. The day after.

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Never? There is no perfect time, therenever will be. Make your own moments.Hunt them.

Chase them. Make them happen. You are the architect of your ownmoments.

Because all you will ever have is right now. You start right now. The only thing that is stopping you from achieving your dreams is the story youkeep telling yourself about why you may not succeed in your endeavors. Thisstory keeps you stuck to your chair, and does not allow you to get up and runtowards your goals. Start now.

By starting I mean, take some action, initiate in some directionwith thought. Starting is when you put your foot down, and take a stand to getthe job done, not when you stand there scared to take a step forward. As longas you are resisting and pushing forward towards your goal, something is beingdone. Just because you fail once, does not mean you won’t make it the nesttime. It is okay if you make a few mistakes. Life is journey, you will learnnew things, new ways to do the old stuff, and mend your mistakes. Give it time.Push through, switch track, adopt new methods, eventually you will reach yourdestiny.

In the journey of achieving our true goal, we forget to form productiverelationships. We tend to distance ourselves from the rest because this is’our’ goal. But the truth is sometimes in order to boost ourselves we may needa little help now and then. Someone who understands our passion, our fears, ourstrengths, can help us achieve our heights. Support is necessary to give us apush. You fly on your own, but someone has to fire your booster rockets.

Wait for nothing. Attack life. Liferewards action not reaction.  


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