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When I say the word pet, what first comes to mind? Usually it’s a dog or cat, right? The most commonly owned pet is the domestic cat and it can be categorized into three groups; indoor cats, outdoor cats, and indoor-outdoor cats. If you clean the three types of cats and put them next to each other then they will look very similar, but the different environments that they live in is what makes them different in every other way. Hopefully by the end of this essay, you will be able see the differences and similarities between these three kinds of cats.
Indoor cats are often very clean, since they do not have to work for their food. The extra time allows them to clean and pamper themselves on a daily basis. Indoor cats are often overweight because they are usually fed on a regular basis. The cats know that they can sleep all day and still get fed one or more times in a day. Also, since the cats do not work for their food, they don’t get their exercise. Therefore it is impossible for them to burn off any extra calories they may have gained. This type of cat generally likes plenty of human contact, since humans are the ones who play, pet, and feed the cats. With all of this human interaction, it makes them not scared of humans. For most indoor cats the owner doesn’t have to worry about getting any diseases from them, since the cat probably is taken to the veterinarian on a regular basis.
On the other hand, outdoor cats are usually pretty scraggly looking. The fact that they have to work for all of their food causes them to get dirtier and does not allow them time to clean themselves every day. They are much skinnier and are in much better shape because they don’t get as much food and they run a great deal. These cats are awake all day long looking for food and avoiding the everyday obstacles of an outdoor cat. Such as digging through trash, dogding cars, and running away from dogs or humans. This allows them to get plenty of exercise, but not always enough food. Outdoor cats are not usually people friendly, because they are not around humans as much and they don’t depend on them for anything. Outdoor cats are more likely to get into fights and get hurt because they have to fend for themselves. It is probably a good thing that these types of cats do not like being petted and loved by humans because outdoor cats are more likely not to have their shots. If you come across this type of cat then it is not guaranteed that they are free from diseases, so you should be careful around them.
An indoor-outdoor cat is a combination of the previous two types of cats. They are mostly clean looking and occasionally dependent on humans for their food. If they don’t get their food from humans, then they have to scavenge for it. They are often in good shape and health because they get plenty of exercise, but also get some of the treats of an indoor cat. These cats are known for being people friendly. Since the cats are occasionally dependent on humans, they get used to them and are not scared. These cats are sometimes even housed temporarily by humans from time to time because they need someone to depend on to feed them. A person can usually count on this cat to have some of their shots and to be free of diseases, but they are still likely to be injured in fights outside.
I have noticed many differences and similarities between the indoor, outdoor, and indoor-outdoor cats. Anyone can see how similar these cats can be and how they are good and bad in their different ways. I have to say that my favorite would have to be the overweight and lovable indoor cat. These cats are so friendly and they are sure to be free from diseases, and I don’t have to worry about them being injured outside. The reason the three domestic cat groups differ is their environments.


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