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When I was young, I did not have a family member or role model that really influenced me to take up an engineering degree. Though, I was blessed with wonderful parents that valued education and I inherited my father’s mathematics gene. I enjoyed mathematics, I loved solving problems even though I did not know where it could lead me. I always wanted to know how things work, I spent a lot of my time playing with toys, and I disassembled every new toy bought for me by my parents, either trying to improve or fix it.

My parents were unhappy about it.I was most inspired by my primary five mathematics teacher, Mr Victor Okeke, who saw I had a talent and encouraged me to make the best out of it. I remembered that my father always complains to him every day he drops me at school about my destructive behavior at home.My mathematics teacher encouraged me to take secondary school mathematics courses in primary five and enrolled me in some state mathematics competitions and I performed well. He tells me always that I was good at maths and this greatly influenced me to pursue all the mathematics and science subjects I could take in secondary school.

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It was the inspiration and encouragement I received from him at a young age that led me to pursue an electrical and electronic engineering degree in the university. Electrical Engineers use their knowledge of mathematics, science, logic to find suitable solutions to a problem.Unlike mathematical problems, the problems of today do not have a single or simple correct answer, the problems are higher than primary five mathematics competition.

However, the fundamental skills still apply: gather relevant facts, break it down and apply a formula to get the suitable solution.


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