when in reality there is no such a

                                 when we talk about that we are civilized citizen then one thing come to our mind and that is which thing is defining that we are civilized .people perceives awareness comes from knowledge .IN FACT it is true that that the knowledge gained through education broad our thinking . It shows different views of life open doors in lot of opportunities for the better growth of life .Because education enhances the chance to achieve the desired lifestyle.

As we Know that education reduces poverty, brings a social awareness in society, create self sufficient nation. Education around the world is supposed to be a defining feature of economic and social development. Pakistan is diverse state in respective to culturally, economically and socially. Supply side in education Pakistan has clearly behind in providing required resources as a result it failed to fulfill the desired demand of education.

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choel man says that the education is a key for the change of a country in all aspect. a strong nation only can be built through a well-based education in a system. but the fact is that it have to be distributed at every person without any discrimination. in actual we should have to provide as much budget as we can because knowledge can build an aimed nation if they have something to think, to learn or the opportunity that they can explore them but in reality there is no such a system established in our country .

In fact many organization are working over here for the sake of to provide the education each and every person but in return we remain fail to receive such expected results. government is improving the industry to make the country economically strong but in actual literal youth are the building blocks for the success nut they forgot that our youth literacy rate is less than 80 percent .women are also an equal part of which country travel on development but our government is ignoring a part of it.girls deprivation in rural areas due to many reasons such as the lower literacy rate of their parents. If we talk in urban areas there is 3 percent greater than the rate of the rural and the shocker thing is that these thoughts were found in the Muslims family .

they do not sent their daughter to the school behind some reasons in their minds by adding one more thing some conservative mind thought that industries or jobs are not suitable for the girls its only for the boys the best place for the women is house .in talk to previous decades, General AYUB KHAN (1958-69) gave priority to the development of economy but ZULFIQAR ALI BHUTTO (1972-77) gave priority to education.  It does not mean that this is the mismanagement of the government we can’t put whole the burden on government. Many factors involving which creates hurdles in providing equal education over the country are the person with conservative minds.They have lack of awareness they do not know about the advantages of Education it tells what we have and what not. It tells the path to reach our destination, but if we don’t have the access to knowledge can’t understand where we want to go. We just see the other and follow them by thinking that they are doing right whatever it is right or wrong.

We do not care about the consequences. In implanting education to any environment a key role is a teacher.But we can implement education in a society only on a circumstance that if conditionally we are supportive in respective to these factors. EFFECTING FACTORS:-                                                                              Here if we check the population which is about 190 million ,there is only 5% of people who have the approach to the university level education .

Adding one thing if the economy growth remain 6% annually then by the end of 2022 Pakistan needs 36 million  new jobs. So the role players are the teachers and the professors.  In current era the word of learn and teacher has to replaced towards economic, building communities and pattern of leadership. In 21st century the purpose of learning is to earn money. Not to gain knowledge.  CULTURE:  HERE, Culture is a very effective in providing approach to the mind of the peoples some persons think that the tribal are the blind by mind but in actual they do not have it is due to lack of awareness/illiteracy of their parents, they do not know benefits of its. In their opinion if they sent their daughter to the school or college it will damaging her character it is just because they concern about safety and mobility of their daughter.

 PROPER PLANNING: To  provide equal education approaches to all peoples Provide them facilities which they demand like (scholarship, funds, conveniences), show them the benefits of education that they can learn how to live better. Make a Such kind of resources that every class person attain benefit.  SOCIAL CONTRAINTS:  It depends on the “social and cultural orientation of the people which can change the attitude of people”.   LACK OF DEVELOPMENT: 89% part of the education budget is spent on education expenditures (salaries) and only 11% is only spent on development expenditures which is not sufficient.Influence area” they are damaging due to terror activities and to rebuild these areas there is need a huge budget. So the strong economy role is important because if we do not have the resources we cannot put the infrastructure.  OBJECTIVES: ·        To providing opportunity for all the classes.

·        Ignore the racism and the old cultural beliefs.·        To provides them awareness.·        Exploring the new fields through knowledge. if they learn then they can explore.

·        To show them optional life which is in their hand (own choice).·        Tell role of knowledge in development.·        It tells that how can they improve their life style.·        To facilitate them with skill, attitude of people towards knowledge.·        Reduced the swallowing of funds.

·        Feudalistic restrictions Literature review:                               ( MACHEL (1975–1986)) He denounced the colonial and traditional education because it creates hurdles in development of positive socialization. During the revolution of Mozambican citizen he believes that colonial way is enough to define the evil face of traditional and cultural education. He advised to the teacher to act like a doctor as the doctor sterilizes themselves going before to the theater. Mission of the teachers is to socialize their student to the revolutionary mind that the Students will play a role in revolution to decolonize.

 (Bourgignon and Verdier 1999 ) states that the “oligarchy” always oppose the distribution in education because the educated people think the actual power is political power so they demand it. Also, they want the politics to remain active for this they will in favor of votes because it cause for redistribution of income and power away from the “oligarchy”. (Galor and Weil 1996) describes the education may lead us to empower the women. multiple research revolves in front of our eyes that lack in education in women may lead us to high fertility but in another hand high education in women provides us result in as low fertility. The elite male do not accept the education equilibrium in women because by this they will not have the skills for equal treatment.

Because the education explores the multiple ways . 3. METHODOLOGY:                                This part expresses the method through which the data is collected for our research.The universe:                             This shows the collection of those peoples who were involved to fulfill our research and the researcher selected the GCUF (Layyah campus) computer science department. All their information and History about our research topic.

 Target population:                                5th and the 7th-semester students 20, 20 each include the senior teachers and remarks of the computer science H.O.D. Sampling techniques:                                        The technique used by the researcher is quantitative research using by the research method.Justification:                    The researcher put meaningful data into one group by using cluster technique.Sampling:The researcher selected 20 students from the 7th semester and 20 students from the 5th-semester for better result of research.

. Where the researcher shows the hurdles in unequal distribution of the education.Research design:                             The technique used is “quantitative” where the information is collected through a questioner form the collected data is analyzed and this method is used for measurement.Research techniques:                                     Quantitative methods are time efficient also as we make groups and collect the information through surveys and arranged them after analyzing.Tool of data collection:                                        Data was collected through individually questionnaire during the survey which was designed by the researcher.

Which were related to the hurdles in unequal Education system. Structuring of questionnaire:                                                   The researcher selected 20, 20 respondent from both batches and collect the information related to its topic.Data collection:Three regular days were taken by the researcher at different times to collect the information those were participants.Field experience:                             The experience of the researcher was very good at collecting the data during the survey. Students also shows the positive responses and corporate a lot  with the researcher. 


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