When it as a positive to enable them

When receiving constructive feedback some people may react badly and see it as a criticism of their work they may become angry, defensive, become anxious, and look for reassurance. Some people may see it as a positive to enable them to develop their skills, may give them a confidence boost or they may appreciate another person’s views and take on board and agree with their feedback. When receiving constructive feedback we should remember that we are care workers and services can always be improved to provide the best level of care possible.

Having feedback from others and being willing to listen to that feedback, as well as use it to your advantage is a huge part of self-improvement, and plays a massive role in developing your knowledge, skills and understanding of certain things. For example a third party is more likely to identify areas for improvement that an individual without feedback would be unable to recognise. Such as the way you speak to someone, as you’re talking and joking you might believe that the subjects you breach are perfectly acceptable, but the service user you are communicating with may never want to mention the fact that they really don’t want to talk about cars any more, either out of politeness or some other motive, but another member of staff may be able to recognise this, and discuss it with you while they give out feedback which lets you identify the area for improvement. Feedback can increase your problem solving capabilities by allowing you to take in a situation from another’s perspective, and approaching a previous problem in a way that you have discovered by listening to others, they will tell you their perspectives and how they might deal with a situation in a more appropriate way. Perhaps in the form of advice or even just a little more information on how a certain service user likes to be treated. Changing the way to act around someone can have a massive impact on them, and sometimes feedback is the only way to identify this.

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