When they don’t refer to “18”. The

When they say age is just a number, it is quite evident that they don’t refer to “18”. The shift from childhood to adulthood at this age is not just a number, as it brings along with it the joy of independence and the responsibility. With the voter identity card and a driving license and own bank account and the legal privilege of ‘adult films’; the movement into the adult world is challenging.

An eighteenth birthday is a magical milestone with its joy of being independent and free to do things as an adult. These joys are always accompanied with serious legal implications. At eighteen, when we can vote and choose who will govern us, we can also go to jail and face a trial as a ‘major’ if we break the law.

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As I turn 18, I realize that this change is not only from childhood to adulthood. This change is also in perception and expectations that family, teachers, friends have from us. The transformation into adulthood can bring fear to the family as they are worried about the kind of exposure this newly gained independence may bring in us. Their concern is valid to a great extent as this is a sensitive time for any child.

Along with the fear what comes along the expectations that parents have from their ‘adult child’. Though an adult, an eighteen years old child is still subject to influence from the peers. There are instances where people do take a wrong path due to peer pressure. Being an adult can be a wonderful experience with its joys of enjoying legal rights and privileges, but along with enjoying our rights, we must also respect our responsibilities towards the family, society, and the nation, because being an adult is not about age.

It is about a certain level of mental maturity which helps us identify ourselves as responsible, global citizens.


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