When continues to decline. The main issue

When tribes tried to seek justice in the American Supreme Court beginning in 1828, they were directed to rulings that justified American domination and laid the groundwork for future domination and land theft through the power of Congress and the courts. In this case it is evident the United States government had never cared for their population and tribulations. Which really makes the Supreme Court, and entire government system seem completely bogus that holds no justice for the Native American people as their population continues to decline.The main issue that captivates attention is the tragic state of the children living in those reservations. “Domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse are widespread.

Continual exposure to violence has a devastating impact on child development and can have a lasting impact on basic cognitive, emotional, and neurological functions.” To remedy these issues, several organizations have gathered to pressure Attorney General Eric Holder to extend more legal protections to children on Native American reservations, including allowing the government to criminally prosecute non-Indian people who commit violence against kids in tribes.

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