When you are the same, we think of

When we think about assurance, I for one, and I’m sure a lot of you are the same, we think of it as something in the future, that there will be no judgment to come upon me in 5 or 20 or 50 years in the future. But, I think we should recognize or notice that we, Believers that is, we can experience this assurance right here and right now in the present. So, our verse is basically saying, “Therefore there is TODAY, no condemnation.” If you are one of the justified, then right now, at this very moment, you can rest easy and be assured, that you are secure.

Again, by saying “NOW”, he’s saying, that it doesn’t matter if it’s on the last day or today, we will not experience God’s judgment.So far, we’ve had, “Therefore, there is now…” And it continues on with our next “W” to answer, which is “What”. So, the “What” here is, No CondemnationSome of the research I’ve done, I found that the word condemnation is used very little in the New Testament and it looks like it’s primarily in the book of Romans. When you think of “Condemnation”, you should have a picture in your head of a verdict of guilty.

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And with that guilty verdict is the penalty that goes along with it. You have to remember, No sin that a true believer commits whether past, present or future can be held against them. And Why? Because the penalty was paid by Jesus and His righteousness was given, or credited, or imputed to the believer.


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