When nonverbal communication which consists of body posture,

When we use effective communication verbal communication and also nonverbal communication is more important. Nonverbal communication is the transfer of meaningful information from one person to another by meaning other than written or spoken words. The use of non-verbal communication skills will allow further communication with patients which verbal skills alone cannot achieve (Pullen, 2007). It is important to identify the hidden factors of the patient and also important during severe-chronic illness.

It gives a validation to the verbal message word should be match with the individuals expression of feelings. Otherwise nonverbal communication can maintenance of patient’s self image and interpersonal relationship. We can divide nonverbal communication in two parts. Such as sign language and body language. Including sign language we describe audio signals and visual signals.

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Sign language includes all forms of symbols which replace words, numbers and punctuation signs. It can convey message very quickly, easily and effectively. Body language is a form of nonverbal communication which consists of body posture, gesture, facial expressions, eye contact, personal appearance and vocal features.

Nonverbal communication helps the communicator to communicate all that things secretly which they do not want to reveal to others. So follow nonverbal communication skills are useful for the nurse-patient inter-relationship.


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