When more mild then others. If a child

When working in a school environment you will meet many children and young people along the way. Some children and young people may have disabilities or movement disorders such as Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida and Muscular Dystrophy. Some disabilities are more mild then others. If a child or young person has undertaken an operation then they will need temporarily physiotherapist to help getting around school premises. A physiotherapist job role is to work closely with teachers, parents and other professionals in health care to work together to meet the child’s needs.

Their main objective is to help children, young people and also adults be able to have movement and give them as much independence as possible with full support. They will give advice to teachers and teaching assistant on how to make lessons fun and achievable such as P.E or any other physical exercise class. It is crucial that lessons are provided by school with the best equipment supplied, this will help children maintain and develop their ability to gain muscle strength, mobility skills and joint movement. Physiotherapist also give advice to parents on how they can improve matters at home by giving them simple exercises that will help children.

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