When, under the fence to go with

When, Bruno arrives at his new house he is greatly downhearted.

The house is small and boring because there are no friends to play with. However, In the film, there is not much detail about Bruno’s life with his friends back at home. The film conveys effectively about how being innocent is dangerous, because of the ending in the film.

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In particular when Bruno went under the fence to go with Shmuel to find Samuel’s dad. Shmuel never knew that he would die, he would not let Bruno come with him. Similarly, with Bruno he would never go under the fence, and that Bruno thought that it was peaceful where Shmuel is and that they are just farmers. The film has a very ironic ending, because of the mother realizing that Bruno is gone. The difference is that the book ends with a cliffhanger making the reader guess what happens.

The childhood of Bruno has very torn apart, which conveys most efficiently in the film, because of the heartbreaking way the story starts and ends in the film. However, the book is very slow and choppy when it comes to the film. The film, by comparison, is a bit more dramatic. Other characters get more of a role than they do in the book as there is no limit to perspectives. Largely the book lacks action and drama.

Overall the film conveys most effectively.


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