Whenever movie they decide to become pilot,

Whenever kids sees policeman they plan to become a policeman, when they see any movie they decide to become pilot, bus driver or anything that fascinate them.

But as they grow these dreams are blur and forgotten by them but some teens follow the dreams but in peer pressure they don’t pursue their dreams. In high school some kids are good at sports and they decide that they will be a sportsperson but parents don’t support so the ends there. As we grow we dream so many things otherwise our life would be boring and monotonous.

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We dream to keep our self inspiring, and it also helps you to achieve any ambitious goal. Do not kill your dreams- let it come out. There must be so many dreams that you want to fulfill but you never did. It’s you who is creator of your happiness.

How to make your dreams come true?1. At this stage, it is necessary to clearly separate your dreams from stereotypes imposed by society and close people. For example, a girl dreams of a slim body, but in fact her dream is to attract men. 2. Remember all the childhood dreams and highlight the three main ones.

Remember what you dreamed of in your childhood with enthusiasm. List all that you wanted to buy, where to visit, with whom to get acquainted, what to do, where to go. Make a list. Select only three items that you still would like to implement.3.

From time to time visualize your dream. Imagine that you have already become a happy owner of the desired thing, that the event has already happened to you, and behave like a successful, self-realized person. It will help you to pull into your life that which you so passionately dreamed of. 4. Execute your dreams in partsFor example, you want to visit India. Begin to prepare for this trip, creating around yourself the atmosphere of India.

Listen to mantras, buy a long skirt or sew a sari and sometimes wear them to dance under Indian music. Communicate with people who have already visited India or also want to go there Use different ways of fulfilling your desires, show the universe what you want with all your heart, and then your dreams will surely come true! 5. You should not spend too much time on your dreams. If you’re not achieve anything and just wasting your time then perhaps, you have chosen the wrong goal.

Maybe your dream is too ambitious and you are not ready yet to take up its implementation. If your dream is big and it requires a lot of detail for completion, then it is better to choose something simple so far. As you progress towards a small goal, all your other dreams and desires will become more certain.


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