“Where me that it wasn’t a human, but

“Where did everyone go?” I shouted, but there was no answer. I was so scared that all my friends were disappeared all of the sudden. I felt that I was helpless but I had to find the way out of this abandoned castle. “Oh, I guess…..

.” Suddenly, I remembered that I have a copy of the map of this castle while we were planning to start the adventure. I tried to search for it in my bag pack with my torch. “Oh gosh, where is it……” As this castle was built from ancient times, I could only have a little light source from my torch to find my map. On that moment I was searching for my map, I felt that someone was with me, but I knew that and my sixth sense told me that it wasn’t a human, but a……..”Is anybody there?” I heard some sounds coming out from a room.

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I walked to the room as the door was slightly opened. I built my courage to open the door, but no one inside……While I was trying to walk into the room, suddenly someone pat my back. I’m so afraid and I wanted to grab anything to defense myself. “Hey Rachel, where have you been? We are looking for you.

” Stacy said. “Guys, she’s here!” Stacy continued to shout to get others’ attention that she found me. “Thanks god that you guys aren’t disappeared, I thought I will die here alone, this castle is too horror……” I told everything that I confronted when I was alone. My eyes suddenly burst out with tears and I hugged Stacy tightly. “It’s okay dear, we are here, don’t be scared.” Stacy comforted me.

“Well, I guess there’re still ways to escape from here.” George was holding the map and said. “This castle is too huge, we can’t even find the way that we entered …”said Stacy to George. “Why not we rest for a while to have some biscuits to fulfill our hunger? I think everyone’s here are exhausted and hungry.

” said Adam to everyone.”Okay then, we will rest for a while here.” George said. That time, my silent mode on because I’m still in my fear.After a few minutes, we started to continue to find our way out from this castle by the map we searched. We walked and searched, walked and searched for the way, but we returned the place we rest. “Why are we here again……”I said.

“Guys, we are in trouble, the map was wrong!” George shouted. “The route on the map for the ways out of here are totally don’t exist…” he continued to say.”What are we gonna do now? I don’t want to spend my rest of life in this damn place……How can I be so stupid to join you all……” Adam moaned. “Adam, it’s not a good timing for moaning, just stop it! We need to get a way out of here!” Stacy cannot bear for Adam’s moan.

“Get away from me! You are the one who told me that we can own a wealthy life after this adventure, if not I won’t even bother you! “Adam was starting a fight with Stacy. “How can you say that…Why don’t you blame yourself for your greediness?” Stacy fought back. “Can you guys please stop this conversation, in this time we need to be unite to escape from here!” George was in his anger.Suddenly, we saw a white shadow at the middle of the dark corridor…….


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