Whereas or points. After gathering my thoughts,

Whereas people have different ways of writing their essays, my writing process can be done in four steps given that my writing process is organized. First, I do research and gather information if research is necessary to the paper’s topic. After that, I would start a rough draft and write what I feel like is appropriate. Next, I’ll do the actual writing of the paper and describe each topic. The last step is to, revise and edit any errors I might have. Each step is important in order to make my writing acceptable.

The standard writing process can take up to thirteen steps I usually take five steps. I begin the process of writing by thinking about the topic. This may include brainstorming and collecting data to expand my knowledge of the subject. When I brainstorm I get a paper and pencil and write down any ideas that come to mind. I then develop thoughts into a list of more complete ideas or points. After gathering my thoughts, I begin to think about the paper’s layout. I try to comprehend my audience and what I want them to read my paper and never let go. Depending on the topic of an essay, I choose a layout that helps me arrange my ideas.

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After gathering my ideas and developing an understanding of my essay, I begin to write a thesis statement that contains the focus of my essay and tells my audience what the essay is going to be about . I then commence to make my list of points and thesis into a more organized outline. Then, I would now have all of my ideas in my paper. I would start with the introduction of my paper. In a few paragraphs, I would introduce to the reader what I will be writing about. I would arrange the paragraphs in order to stay on topic. The paragraphs would be my next general topics for an essay.

Then I would summarize a little about what I would be discussing in each of the paragraphs. This will give the reader an idea of what to expect. After I have my introduction done, I would continue to write about the first topic mentioned in the introduction. I would tell about each topic in the order I mentioned them in the paper.

It helps the reader to stay organized with the paper and it also helps me to follow my paper better. If I want to look at what I wrote for one specific paragraph, I would refer to the introduction and see where it came. Then, I would find it below in the paper. Each paragraph will have a connection with the topic. In addition, I will have all of the topics mentioned and talked about, I would read over my paper that I have written. I would check for mistakes, grammar issues, sentence structure, and other things that would mess up the essay.

After the final essay is complete, I make sure I included a thesis which is the answer to a question on a debatable subject. I include transitions, citations of sources, and quotations so readers can follow along with the path of my topic. Include main points and highlights from my research or reasoning that supports my thesis. Include a blueprint and evidence for my most important factor which would possibly be logical reasoning, explanations, records and arguments of my own evidence from other sources.

, I will examine over things I have written to see if I can identify a pattern in my writing such as a problematic punctuation or repeated use of the same words. Also, I would read the paper out loud to get a sense of the punctuation and make any changes to parts that I feel unnatural to read and allow someone to read over my paper to see things that I cannot see. In summary, my writing process has some similarities to the standard writing process. Out of the thirteen steps I use about ten of them and all of the steps are useful. When it comes to writing an essay everybody’s style is different.


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