While main theme of the film, the director

While the choice of visuals was effective and helped the director to convey the main theme of the film, the director focuses on sound as the second major element of the movie. The choice of sound tracks, music and any other voices presented in this film had the purpose to affect viewer’s perceptions and opinion. The movie begins with a soft music that put the viewers in the mood of the film. Then a nameless narrator with his scientific tone starts describing the action happening while Adaline was moving cities to hide her secret. The narrator also narrates the past of Adaline while she was seeing some videos of her teenager years and explains the case of Adaline after the car accident. Moreover, at the end of the story the narrator tells how Adaline after her accident while she was leaving Ellis parent’s house returned un-ageless. the aim of the narrative part of the movie is to give us more information about Adaline’s past and case. In addition, the music was selected to convey the certain emotions and feeling for the viewers, especially in scenes like when she met Ellis in the New Year’s Eve party at the hotel, the emotional music when she was remembering the day she refused to date a guy (He is Ellis father) because she was afraid that he could reveal her secret, the Jazz music when she was eating with Ellis in his house to convey his style and type, the soft and classical music when she wanted to leave Ellis for the second time, the intimate music was integrated when she was with Ellis in the hospital and telling him the truth.

Moreover, the sound levels were high, peak and intense scene such as the car crash scenes and the forest scene when she was leaving, and the levels where more deeper and lower in scene that convey harmony and tenderness, such as scene with Ellis or scenes when she was with her aged daughter Flemming. Sound effects were used the stimulate reality such as the opening and closing of a door, the heart machine in the hospital. This effective choice of music, sounds and voices helped the director to stimulate reality and create a mood mot only with visual elements that introduced important elements of the plot that helped the viewer to understand the main theme of the film. It is important to note that the beginning and the end scenes of the movie were also selected by the director for a specific purpose: the movie begins with a global zoom with a fade-in that shows the Earth from space, then the view is zoomed until we reach Adaline’s taxi moving her to China town while the narrator was telling the action. The fading in connotates the birth of a person on planet Earth. The closing scene is the opposite of the beginning from a closer view of Earth to a wider view of the Earth from the space while also the narrator was telling what happened on the day when Adaline returns to her natural aspect to a fade out. The fading out connotates the death of a person leaving on this planet and that nothing will stay forever and immortal. Both scenes are similar visually and audibly and it is a director choice to tell the viewers that everything have a beginning and an end.

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