Whistleblowers of the Year in 2002. Others are

Whistleblowers are individuals or groups who report misconduct in an organization with the hope of stopping it. U.S.

activist Ralph Nader coined the term to replace words with negative connotation like snitch, and it is meant to evoke the idea of a referee declaring foul play in a sporting event. Some whistleblowers, like Cynthia Cooper and Sherron Watkins (who exposed corporate scandals) and Coleen Rowley (who gave details concerning the FBI’s slow response to the 9/11 attacks) are seen as heroes. In fact, these three whistleblowers were jointly named Time magazine’s People of the Year in 2002. Others are not seen in a positive light. For example, Ryszard Kukli?sk was a Polish spy who snuck secret documents to the CIA in the hopes of avoiding war. In his own country about a third of the population considers him a traitor and his monument in Krakow has been vandalized numerous times. Given the diverse reactions people have to whistleblowers, how can one decide if they are good or bad for America?On one hand, whistleblowers have helped shape Am

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