Why “Everything’s easy after it’s done” which

Why I have chosen this poem: I have chosen the poem “A Lesson From History” by Joseph Morris because I find it to be a very interesting poem. I find it interesting because of the rhyme scheme and also about what the poet is trying to say. This poem also has a hidden message. I also chose this poem because it is an inspirational poem about bravery and how soldiers gave up their lives to protect the lives of others. This poem should also inspire you to not give up so easily even when times are tough.

Explanation of the poem: I think that the poem is mainly about learning from your mistakes. I think that the title of the poem means “to learn from your mistakes”. The poet is telling us to not give up even when things get tough. The poem says that “Everything’s easy after it’s done” which explains itself. The poet uses Washington as an example of why you shouldn’t give up. This poem is also inspirational because it talks about being brave and fearless and facing your fears. It is says that you should always believe in yourself.

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I think that the rhyme scheme could also represent the sound of the soldiers marching one foot after another.Figures of speech: • “He could not know how he would fare”. This is an example of personification. The word “he” is referring to Washington, a state in America.

By doing this it makes it look like the poet is referring to Washington as the people that fought the war.• “In the dead of night”. This is an example of an idiom. It is effective because it emphasizes that the battle was hard because it was dark and the people might have also been tired.• “And your spirits are soaking wet”.

This is an example of a metaphor. It is effective because it emphasizes how wet and cold the soldiers were. It shows that they were completely soaked.


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