Wild to maintain this level of excellence through

Wild (1995) states that operations management is concerned with the design and the operation of systems for manufacture, transport, supply or service”. Stevenson (1999) defines operations management as the management of systems or processes that create goods and/or provide services”. Hill and Hill (2018) hold that operations management refers to activities, responsibilities and decisions that make up the task of managing the process of transforming inputs such as people materials, energy and information into tangible products or services. The most agreed fact in these definitions is the output which is either goods or services.

Therefore a working definition for the purpose of this assignment may be to say that operations management refers to the activities responsible for transforming inputs into goods and or service.Indi Farm, a maize crop production entity in the agricultural sector is going to be adopted for the purpose of this assignment. Indi Farm is a productive farm, for the past decade it has managed to constant supply maize to the Grain Marketing Board and other small millers. The Operations Manager of farm is motivated by always providing an excellent product to the customers. He has managed to maintain this level of excellence through ensuring that quality inputs are sourced from the right source and planted in a well prepared land so as to get the best product.

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