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Will Holder and Davis Stewart 01-10-18Research paper Mr. Miller 1A Our experiment is an observation of how air pressure affects the height of the bounces a basketball takes whenever it is dropped from a from the same constant height.We will use the same basketball in each of the trials. Our hypothesis is that the higher the air pressure, the higher the basketball will bounce.Air pressure affects many different situations through the world.

One of the main things air pressure affects is the kinetic molecular theory. The kinetic molecular theory is when the relationships among pressure, volume, and temperature in gases. This is dependant on the kinetic energy of fast moving particles.

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The temperature in the gases inside a basketball will affect the height of the bounce the basketball has because the higher the temperature, the more the particles inside the basketball move the faster. The temperature and the gas depends on its average kinetic energy. So this means the higher the average kinetic energy the higher the temperature of the gas.

So that would make the basketball bounce higher.So in theory, the higher the air pressure the higher the bounce will be.When the basketball is at the designated height it will be dropped from, it will have its maximum amount of potential energy. Potential energy is stored energy from gravity pulling down on it.

It is called gravitational potential energy better known as GPE. There is no kinetic energy in the experiment. There is no kinetic energy when the basketball hits the ground it will have no kinetic energy but it has the maximum potential energy.

There is kinetic energy when the ball is moving. That is how the kinetic molecular theory works with the experiment.https://www.thefreedictionary.com/Kinetic+molecular+theoryhttp://www.sparknotes.com/chemistry/gases/kinetic/summary.htmlhttps://www.thefreedictionary.com/Kinetic+molecular+theory


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