WindowsSCOPE edge system assurance solutions for the

WindowsSCOPE WindowsSCOPE is a line of forensics and cyber security tools by a company named BlueRiSC. The products are used on Windows devices and is used in many different countries. According to their website, they were founded in 2002, and “invent cutting edge system assurance solutions for the 21st century.

” Their first listed product is titled WindowsSCOPE Cyber Forensics 3.2, the software is GUI based and is used as a memory forensic capture and analysis device. It enables the user to view basic WinDD memory dumps to view them in a clean GUI after the data has been reverse engineered and located in a central location. It can be used for all sorts of digital forensics, cyber attack and defense detection, can be used for any sort of reverse engineering, and other crime investigation uses. The next product they have listed is the WindowsSCOPE Forensic Archiving Appliance. It is described as an appliance that is able to do network wide live memory forensics, forensic archiving and incident response. The appliance also contains terabytes of storage, and with that free space it can occasionally collect live memory. With the live memory, it can thoroughly reverse engineer and archive it.

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CaptureGUARD Gateway is an ExpressCard platform that can grant access to a locked Windows computer. It is able to do so by allowing live forensic analysis in what would normally not be an accessible system. The website offers a video demonstration of the software bypassing a Windows login passwords. WindowsSCOPE Phantom Probe USB Dongle is a product that is intended to work alongside WindowsScope Cyber Forensics products.

The dongle runs the WindowsSCOPE Phantom Probe Agent which has the ability take a WindowsSCOPE screenshot while using a Windows supported computer.


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